Archenemy and Hero 2 Season Release Date

Archenemy and Hero 2 season release date

Archenemy and Hero 2 season release date was rumored. The details are given below.

Archenemy and Hero a.k.a. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 2 season is quite expected by fans of funny anime series and manga. Archenemy and Hero 2 season premiere will definitely continue the great fantasy story that was released in 2013.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha season 2 episode 1 will attract the attention of many anime fans since the first season of Archenemy and Hero had it all – fantasy, humor, cute and charismatic protagonists.

With regard to the 2nd season, the available information is at the level of rumors. There are rumors that in the autumn of 2015 will begin the work on Archenemy and Hero season 2 episode 1. This anime series has received a lot of positive feedback not only from the audience, but also from the demanding critics, who greatly rated the original story of the project.

Archenemy and Hero 2 season release date was rumored

New episodes will continue to tell the story about the confrontation of demons and humans.

Archenemy and Hero 2 season release date will happen in 2016 (approximately- there is no official statement).

The release date on DVD and Bluray of Archenemy and Hero must be expected in this case somewhere in 2017.

While waiting watch Archenemy and Hero 1 season trailer:

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  • Gian Carlo O. Narvadez

    yes! i wished it would be realeased sooner!!!

  • Alex Strack

    Yes I hope they can come out with the new season sooner! Wish there is more romance between hero and demon king/queen.

  • akihiro akatsuki

    i hope the season 2 will come out…however that depends in the materials they need to gather,soon when they have enough materials for this anime season 2 will come out this year!!

  • akihiro akatsuki

    i love this anime…please season 2 come out!!!.. i cant wait!!

  • AncientTech

    please 2017 :3

  • Tyeberius McIntyre

    after so long its still just rumours and hearsay?!? D::

  • Gcole12

    This needs a season 2

  • Yuichiro Hyakua