Beelzebub 2 Season Release Date

Beelzebub 2 season release date

Beelzebub 2 season release date has been rumored. Check the more details information on Beelzebub 2 season premiere below.

Beelzebub a.k.a. Beruzebabu 2 season release date has been expected by many fans of this anime TV show and manga that were released both in Japan, Europe, and North America. When to expect for Beelzebub season 2 episode 1 premiere?

The Plot:

In the center of the plot is a bully by the name Tatsumi Oga. Once again, when he fought with a guy, the protagonist is watching a very unusual picture. On the river floats a person’s body, in the chest which is an arrow. Of course, Tatsumi Oga was sent to help this man and rescues him. But just as soon as it is an almost inexplicable thing.

Men who were saved by Oga, before our eyes unfold in two parts. What he saw led the protagonist in complete shock, because, in the man’s chest, he found a small child. Tatsumi Oga only seems very cold, angry and unfeeling. But, in fact, he is very kind and helpful. That is why he decided to take the child himself. That is why in this difficult matter he helps a strange beauty.

Beelzebub 2 season release date has been rumored

Beelzebub 2 season release date was scheduled for Q2 of 2016 in Japan.

Beruzebabu 2 season release date in North America is expected in Q3 of 2016.

Beelzebub 2 season release date on Bluray must be at the end of 2016.

DVD release date of Beelzebub 2 season will be at the end of 2016.

For now watch Beelzebub 1 season release trailer:

What are you waiting from Beelzebub 2 season premiere?

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  • Just Dont Mind 8

    I wish for season 2 of beelzebub!!! i also like hilda and oga
    love duo!!! Plsssssssssssss season 2 of this anime!!!!! or else you
    will regret it!!!

    • John Mark

      Yes cry and shock them if they don’t co-operate in releasing season 2. Just like when Beezlebub cries to get what he wants.

    • Golden Avenger

      what is the person who wrote this post going to do he literally has no power over it

  • Alandoni Guinto

    i wish for season 2 please cuz im almost cry to it ๐Ÿ˜€ in make kunieda and oga be couple

    • MoroccanBoss

      Not kunieda, Hilda and Oga

  • Ricky_Style

    Please make Season 2 Beelzebub!! and please make hilda and oga or kunieda be couple (in love)…really wanted to see the be`el grow up bigger…!

  • Ichigo Hollow

    season 2 please

  • Obsessed Otaku

    we need a season 2!!!

  • Just Dont Mind 8


  • ksuhalsobha


  • Za Dragoneel

    i wanna see some romance ending in anime unlike manga…… i dont care if its OgaXHilda or OgaXAoi…i want to see it!!!!

  • Constantine Egnever

    Beelzebub please……….Season 2

  • Constantine Egnever

    beelzebub season 2 plsssss!

  • Nicholas Solano

    I ship Oga and Aoi

  • Rifki Maulana

    I wish, Oga can feel what Aoi’s felt ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s it ๐Ÿ™

  • Deavil Boy Anuj

    When you release season 2

  • Rich Didcott

    so do i i wod like to see the tv show in english dubbed