Crysis 4 Release Date

Crysis 4 release date

Crysis 4 release date is rumored. There are some facts about the development of this highly-expected game.

Information about a specific release date of another game in Crysis franchise, as well as the timing of the announcement of Crysis 4 is still not annocuned. But the good news is that the creators of the game do not deny their work on the sequel to the cult franchise.

At the moment it is well-known that Crysis 4 just will not be a first person shooter. Developers explain the fact that this format has outlived its usefulness in the first three parts and come up with something really new and exciting, continuing along the same path will not work. In addition, a series of games Crysis was originally conceived as a trilogy.

Crysis 4 release date is rumored

Crytek has plans to change the concept of the game and put on a new crisis co-op mode is a four-gamer. Four heroes in multifunction Nanosuit should become the new chip and display the next part of the crisis to another level. Future costumes will support a variety of slots, additions and improvements, as well as have a serious firepower and be able to activate the secretive hunting with a bow.

According to leaked information, the fourth crisis, we have to fight the terrorists, who will attempt to take possession of the latest secret biological weapon and use it to take over the world.

Crysis 4 release date is expected in the very beginning of 2016 year.

On PC Crysis 4 release date is expected at first, along with the release date on Xbox One and PlayStation4 in the first quarter of 2016.

The role of the saviors of the world, the plot of the game will get the two secret agents -George Bruno and Evan Bernard. They will destroy numerous military groups, warehouses with weapons and destruction of various military arsenal.

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  • Adam

    All quotes from crytek state that the “future of crysis as an FPS is up to the developers” I haven’t been able to find a single interview or quote that definitively says crysis will NOT be an FPS. So id really like to see where this articles author is getting that “definitely not an FPS” info from.

  • Chris

    it will be horrible is crysis 4 isn’t a first person shooter game. i hate 3rd person. aiming is reckless and the game becomes a halo type game where your just constantly shooting. no precision involved. i got sooo excited to hear Crysis 4 was coming out, then my heart sank to learn it won’t be a FPS game.

    • boone

      I agree. First person shooter is the best!!

    • Konrad Murat

      Look at the newest Deus Ex. It’s a spiritual successor of Crysis 3. It’s an FPS with lots of an rpg elements and it also features moments in gameplay in which camera changes to third person when you are hiding behind covers or taking down enemy from behind. I think upcoming Crysis should learn from Deus Ex Mankind Divided and expand these ideas furthermore making the game the most detailed and polished in the franchise.

      • Harem King

        “Crysis should learn from Deus Ex” may all life on Earth end before such a disgusting thing happens/