High School DxD 4 Season Release Date

High School DxD 4 season release date

High School DxD 4 season release date was confirmed. The fans of this popular anime TV show can wait for new episodes in 2015.

Haisukuru Di Di 4 season premiere or as Western fans prefer to call – High School DxD – will be released sooner than expected –  at the end of 2015. When to wait for High School DxD season 4 episode 1 release date?

Where will lead the development of the main characters of the story? Perhaps the answer to this question can be obtained from the latest plot of High School DxD 3 season. At least approximately. Here is our guess.

The Plot:

According to the storyline of High School DxD,  robe demons since ancient times fought for control of hell with exiled from Heaven fallen angels. In addition, their common enemy was angels sent by God against both races inhabiting Hell. During the endless wars, all three sides have suffered huge losses. In particular, during the war there were killed and Biblical Satan and God of the Bible. Because of this, a few hundred years ago, the warring parties have been forced to stop the war and did not determine the winner. However, the relationship between the parties remained strained. Due to huge losses among the population, the demons began to resurrect people like demons. Each person becomes a servant to turn it into the demon. In order to encourage new demons of self-development, a new rule was introduced – even by the servants of the people can be to know if they can become powerful demons.

High School DxD 4 season release date was confirmed

The story centers on a high school student Issei Hyoudou. Issei is a troubled schoolboy who has never had a girlfriend. But suddenly a beautiful girl Yuma Amano offers Issei to meet her. However, she kills him on the first date, explaining that the blame for a “Holy mechanism”, which the Lord has placed in the Issei and which poses a threat to the fallen angels. Before his death, Issei is not realizing calls from a demon Rias Gremory, who decides to save him, turning to her like a demon and making him as her servant. He also becomes a member of the school club of the occult research, consisting entirely of demons leaded by Gremory. Learning from Gremory that it can become nobles to have their own servants, and build your own harem, Issei has a desire to climb the social ladder of demons. However, it appears that his magic powers are less than a child can have, and he cannot use even the simplest spells.

High School DxD 4 season release date is scheduled for December of 2015.

You will be able to watch High School DxD 4 season release date on DVD at the beginning of 2016.

High School DxD 4 season release date on Bluray is planned for January of 2016.

Watch High School DxD 3 season trailer:

What are you waiting from High School DxD 4 season premiere?

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  • aldizzlechan

    cant wait for december

    • Dracarys

      There is the date i cont wait

      • KouseiArima

        keep dreaming lol there is no season 4 announcement , that post is only prediction

        • Dracarys

          There is a season 4 coming out

          • KouseiArima

            there is no season 4 coming out lol check their official website , no announcement lol and try checking TRUSTED websites like animenewsnetwork

          • Dracarys

            i did and that is where i found out about season 4 lol

          • KouseiArima

            had to check again , wher does it say season 4 in december in their official website lol there is no mention about it except for the release of volume 20 of the light novel , also checked anime newsnetwork still no mention of season 4

          • Dracarys

            Lets just wait and see

          • http://steamcommunity.com/id/Brudimaster/ Nikita Hi

            can you please stop sharing the false hope all over the place ? the screenshot which you got there is from this fucking post -.-‘

          • Dracarys

            I can share what i want dont reqd them if you are bitching and mouning

          • http://steamcommunity.com/id/Brudimaster/ Nikita Hi

            yea you mean like this website? http://daterelease.net/high-school-dxd-4-season-release-date/ that is most probably a fake.. accept it

          • Dracarys

            well lets just look and see what happens it dont help if we fight over a date

          • shawn

            you mean moaning xD lol

          • Dracarys

            yeah Hahaha lol

          • Dracarys

            I got it from the internet and the i saved it

          • Ahmed Abdelaziz

            1. The next time you write “lol” i will find and massacre you!
            2. Their official Website is Anything but it’s save not the first place for new season announcement…

          • illidan

            what a spastic geek. find akeno and lets toast him to crisp

          • KouseiArima

            w8 for season 4 to come, then you ca call akeno and burn me xD

          • shawn

            shes right sometimes do bit more research we do not have an actual announcement on youtube so be patient or go watch another anime or manga.

          • florent

            fuck of you jerk ….. there is going to be a season 4 …. and you shut the hell up

          • KouseiArima

            i wonder who is the jerk here lol shouting out of nowhere like kids and NO THERE IS NO SEASON 4 DEAL WITH IT

          • Michael

            i agree

        • Dracarys
          • KouseiArima

            lol check TRUSTED websites like animenewsnetwork , that post is only a prediction lol even in the official website there is no announcement lol

        • Michael

          dont be so sure

          • KouseiArima

            lol there is no announcement so far i meant this december not in the futre , there will probably be a new season but there is no way it will be this december

      • Imran Al-amin

        me too!!

    • Michael


  • Muhammad Rahman

    wanjer :v

  • Damianos Dame Chagos Tsagkos

    hi ισχύει πως θα βγει τον δεκεμβριο του 2015 ?

  • Damianos Dame Chagos Tsagkos

    hi that will come into force in December 2015;

  • Hadi Fadilah

    Wanzeeer :v

  • chipmunk

    I want rias and issei to be together

    • Dracarys

      Yeah i agree they make a greate couple

      • KaiserZero

        In the LN it shows that they do end up together, though not in a full on relationship sadly

        • Dracarys

          On the novel they end up together in a full relationship maybe the season also

          • KaiserZero

            I probably didn’t read far enough…ignore me

          • Dracarys

            i just heard from other people

        • Who needs a name??

          they do end up in a full relationship…..I have read it…….and maybe with others too in the future (kiba included hopefully :p)

    • Konsie

      It would be about god damn time. I’ve been biting my nails, waiting for the freaking moment when they get together but then there’s always an asshole that just jumps in and ruins the flow. FLAHCK

      • Michael

        Yeah i agree they make a great couple

      • sdadrqw

        Asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa KILL HER ALREADY

        • Coolnippy13

          I dont want Asia to die, I just want her to stay out of it

        • Xaviers

          Haaaaaaa straight up my ghee, that’s exactly what I think

      • Austin

        Right? Just finished season three and I was just LIKE REALLY DUDE?! WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOUR REMEBER?! But I guess that’d helps with making season four worth the wait.

    • Climatrix

      I do like the idea, but I wanted him to be with Akeno since she’s so eager and so on, or the least with Irina lol. Don’t get me wrong tho, just pointing what i think mate :) cheers!

    • Who needs a name??

      don’t worry they will be…….and also the others. Thats what is means to be a harem protagonist :3

    • nortty

      Agreed, should’ve been the ending to season 3 as though he remembered what happened inside the dimensional rift. Also hope that she kinda gets to keep part of the powers of his she gained. Would be epic, then they would literally be perfect xD. Anyone else wanna see another Sirzechs and Issei scene? Funniest moment when he was basically as much as a perve and as dirty as Issei it made me cry from laughter haha.

      • Rushi Eru

        Hey, what scene are you talking about? I can’t remember. Huhuhu.

      • John Rhodes

        She keeps the power dont worry

    • Imran Al-amin

      me too man, you and I both think similar brother

    • Cazzer

      They do get together, the anime follows the light novel and season 4 ended on volume 7 of the light novel, so in the first couple of eps expect them to get together,
      Issei gets put through a series of tests to see if he is worthy to be rias’s husband, He had 4 tasks to complete, he passed the first 3 which were Danceing, Table Manners and The Gremory Family history, He failed the last one but was deemed as worthy to be rias’s husband due to length he managed to survive fighting sirzechs, which was or course task 4.

      • leslie

        hope ur right man sounds good

      • sdadrqw

        Thank you, what about Akeno?

      • xXGamer101Xx

        really now asshole going to get piss of the spoiler so if i was i should have said more about what going to happen. note: just to help,i did once and well… it was not so great :/

      • im Kaito

        Do u know when it will be official released?


          Official Release Date of episode was said to be on December 25, 2015, but I read it off Wikipedia so I don’t know for sure.

          • Rias Gremory

            Kissanime says the the Highschool DxD BorN specials will stop around December 25, 2015. I’m really hoping that season 4 comes out on Christmas that would be the greatest present ever!

          • Xaviers

            I reckon season 4 will come out middle/second half of 2016

          • josh

            well rip it is the 4th of january and still nothing this makes me sooo sad

      • Zach Gill

        You’re a dick

      • Rikka Grimm

        You sir should burn in hell for that like for real thats a real taboo a party foul just as bad as robbing old ladies… may all your electronics fry the moment you touch them from this day forward until the end of time you asshole

        • Nick Eatalot Halberg

          What’s with the hate? he did put giant ass spoiler warnings on his comment xD

        • Akai Arashi

          Drama Queen much, Rikka? He clearly labeled his post as a spoiler. Maybe you should cancel your internet service, turn off the data on your smartphone, and go live in a cave. Clearly, this world is much too harsh for someone so tender as you. As for me, I have already read 17 volumes of DxD so I know pretty much what’s gonna happen. I still am looking forward to watching it though! ^_^

          • Cazzer

            There is enough content in the light novel for like 10 seasons

      • Eric

        Thanks for the info kind sir


        Funnies thing… I read like first 4 words of reply and said… “You know what… let me just read this AFTER I see season 4 XD” D’oh it says “*SPOILER*” and “*EVEN BIGGER SPOILER*” and so I didn’t read it.

      • swiss762

        yes this is true but he is also engaged to koneko chan and non of the other girls care as they still come at him every night so dont worry guys

      • Austin

        Thanks for the spoilers. Now I wanna see it really badl to see how they go about doing this. And I swear to the Lord, they better get together. For fuck sake

        • Natsu Dragneel

          yeah true and so issei can have the sex of his life.

      • Jose Emil Garcia

        thank you m8, Bloody fantastic ladd!

      • Matihood1

        *BIG SPOILER*

        They will actually get together after the rating game with Sairarog. In the middle of the final battle, Issei will publicly convince his love to Rias. After the match, he’ll finally start calling her by her name instead of Buchou.

        • jake

          I got banned on anilinkz….the plot for season 4 is good. so far I have heard that isseis kids go back to the past to stop loki from changing things. asia dies cause of things he changed. they go back to after the 2nd season so the 3rd season becomes a adaptation. this however I did not know

          • Matihood1

            Where did you get those informations? The anime is based on light novels and there were no such things happening there. Maybe in a far distant future but now? Issei’s kids? He hasn’t even had sex in LN yet.

          • jake

            I got the info from several youtube channels but there are rumors about season 4. daterelease.net plus there are fourms onmyanimelist.com that talk about the plot. people have been saying its all just the one OVA episode release today but December is not over yet. ill keep checking til it shows up

          • John Rhodes

            Also thats what alot of people have been saying due to the fact that the craters of the show tried to hard to put more then 2 volumes so its said that the children will go back to put the story back in line with the books

        • John Rhodes

          Well in the manga thats true but not for the tv series due to the fact he already calls her Rias

      • ToweyBomb YT

        Thanks 😀 I am super stoked for when it begins, sometime this month (confirmed december 2015?)

      • Mk Lucero

        Is this real? Because I heard that it’s Issei’s kids that’s gonna go to futher and change it. But this one make sense, I don’t know which one is trust, help me understand!

        • Xaviers

          That won’t happen bro that all shit

          • Mk Lucero

            So ur saying that Issei’s kids rumours are all lie? I sure hope so because I think it doesn’t make sense!

          • Xaviers

            Well bro it’s makes most scence that they continue with following manga and make season 4 cover volume 7,8 and maybe 9. Yer I know if they anime did a time skip like that tag would get so many hates, so ur better of not trusting that rumour.

          • Kirito

            Bro, when is season 4 exactly? would appreciate answer *_*

          • Mk Lucero

            You’re right m8, I didn’t like that/couldn’t trust that rumour aswell. I mean why would they fast forward time? and they have to ask the writer itself if they’re aloud to do it or not and I don’t think he wouldn’t like that idea too right? Wasn’t season three covering up the vol. 5, 6 and 7? Or maybe not the whole story of the vol. 7 just a little bit?

          • Red dragon emperor

            I don’t want issei’s kids to come back in time because it will only ruin the story. I say that if they do that they also have to figure out a way of putting the actual story back on track if you know what I mean.
            Which do you think will happen?

      • TheKiloBomks

        Where do you get that information?

        • Cazzer

          From the light novel of the series which the anime follows to a point

      • TheKiloBomks

        I really hope it’s true, I want this to be true.

      • Timothy White

        I thought he only failed 4 bc he was still to weak. If he keeps on getting stronger he could defeat him easily

      • Charles Frost

        I thought the end of season 3 when he fought Rias was pretty good for a end of the season (though even if it left me wanting for more), but season 4 looks like it’s going to be at a whole other level.

      • Kingoflegion

        So when does the season 4 and 5 come into play and thanks I new the wouldn’t drop the series it’s to awesome but there’s only gonna be 10 seasons ?

        • Cazzer

          Each season of the anime takes up about 3 of the light novels so at the moment season 3 took us up to light novel 7. my prediction would be that season 4 will include light novels 8,9 and 10. I only say 10 seasons loosly, it all depends on the amount of light novels they plan to make due to as of this moment they are still being made.

          • Kingoflegion

            Ok thanks

      • Kazuto Kirigaya

        Epic news thanks bro

    • Andrés Rodriguez

      I know me too best anime ever

    • Czara Joan Sudaria

      yep their my OTP

    • #HashtagLord


    • AwesomeKK 123

      yes im sure they will be considering that asia and the rest dont stand a chance

  • marlon seecharan

    i want rias and me to be together

    • FSL29
      • marlon seecharan


        • 4ever

          cuz she’s with me already

          • marlon seecharan

            she will never be with u cuz u too ugly
            she will be with me

          • sherwin stewart

            but you both have the same face o_O

    • Dracarys

      I want Rias and Issei to be together not you lol

      • marlon seecharan


        • Dracarys


          • marlon seecharan

            cuz issei is a jackass
            i want rias gremory and me to be together

          • Dracarys

            Dont worry i want her also to be with me if he just was smarter and go for Rias it would be beter at the end i hope they get together

  • jet

    is that real or a fake, i dont have see a confirmation for the studio etc.

    • Dracarys

      Its December 2015 i have a pic of it

  • Marty

    I wanted was also to have Rias and Issei together and for Issei to get his harem but I just realised he has basically achieved his goal already with all the women in his house. 😀

    • Dracarys

      Yeah me two he must get over hes harem and go out with Rias

      • Michael

        No way man she belongs to issei

        • Dracarys

          Yeah they make a greate couple

          • Michael

            I know right

  • Marty

    Hey does anyone know of another good anime that I could keep myself busy with?

  • Will

    What im really wondering is what defeauq did issei say when they muted him omg i have been thinking of so many cinarios it could be likt he said “marry me” or “i love you” or “lets go on a date” uggh this is killing me i have to wait like 7 months to figure out what it is D:

    • nortty

      Pretty sure he said,’i love you’, don’t think there’s much doubt about that in my mind :S. He just saved her and said he loved her before that whilst saving her :). But i will admit if he said ‘Marry me’ I will not complain in the slightest, goes together perfectly. And if you look at her parents and brother in their minds its already set in stone o.o.

  • Will

    Im watching it right now asia is the one who keeps getting in the way

  • marsbars

    i think this might turn out to be one of the very few harems where he will end up choosing one. Reading ahead in the light novels brings me to believe that this will happen. It just seems like it makes sense. As long as he isn’t with Asia i don’t give a damn.

    • leslie


  • KawaiiDevil

    Well even tho this might be a prediction I am certan that they are making a season 4. They said on there twitter that work is on the way.

  • Emma Walters

    are you are there a season 4 coming out and how come in japan didn’t release the news first if you don’t mind me asking ? :)

    • nortty


    • nortty

      Don’t know whether or not that’s an official web but it seems reliable, even tells you blu ray month and all.

      • Emma Walters

        cool :)

  • Emma Walters

    just asking i mean no harm i just thought to ask cause i do want to see the season 4 :)

  • Machew

    Is this actually legit?!?!

  • Rukia Kuchiki

    Am i the only one who wants Issei and Xenovia to be together, with Koneko as their pet?

    • nortty

      I just think Xenovia wants some kids not a relationship lol. No matter who he takes i think Koneko won’t leave him xD. All the episodes shes sitting on his lap and on his crutch, she’s the only one the others don’t get jealous of :S. She’s like his pet haha.

    • death fox

      Yeah pretty sure you are.:P

  • Evert Laverne Armell

    They should make it so that he Marrys them all and have kids with each one before he dies that would make me very happy

  • Fazanimelovers

    I want them being married

  • issei hyoudou

    I am the one true harem king

  • Justin Frey

    Issei will end up with all the Gremory girls. As Asia, she will be a sister to him. A perverted sister of course. I have no doubt he will be president of the gremory clan (research occult club)

  • bster91

    it happend already

    • Joshua Danke

      where is season 4 ? Link pls

  • bster91

    ive seen season 3 and 4

  • Nayem Al Tareq

    yaay …i want season 4 soon …

  • death

    Lol I don’t think a man in that position would be able to choose who he would be with I know I couldn’t but that’s just my opinion I can’t wait till December lol XD

  • Kyler A.

    I think it’s facinating how they even developed the relationship with Konoko. I really hope that continues to develop personally.

  • Zheng Feng

    When will High School DXD season 4 be release.

  • Emperor Spriggan


  • agati

    is anyone else psyched about the next season
    # team rias


    want asia to fucking die

  • Andrés Rodriguez

    omg it is a 4th season im so happy :’)

  • Eugene Navoleon

    Can you tell me about the novel link

  • Miles Harris

    What is the whole franchises main website

  • jordy osinga

    Goku is not like that the very least do his hair like its supposed to be

  • jordy osinga

    Ohh and you all know yuma amano right whel amano is my middle name ahahahaha

  • Dylan

    I love high school dxd and if no one makes any more I will cry for the rest of my life

  • Yukki_XoX

    in season 3 episode 12 when rias and issei are on a beach and for 2 seconds there’s no sound but issei moves his move after that rias cry with happynes so I think the words that issei said were “my love” by the movement of his mouth it only looked like he said 2 words so “my love ” fits perfectly

  • Colin

    Is this Season 4 or is this DxD Born?

  • Kevin Ocañas

    Essei and akeno should end Up together

  • R3dernon

    This is great . I can’t wait for season 4 to get on .
    I want to be a couple to ;c . Poor Rias .. she got fake hope last seasons ;c

  • greig garrett

    cazzer do u mind if i love/hate ufor that spoiler

  • Czara Joan Sudaria

    where can you read its manga version completed i cant find it…. T_T

  • giant pintu

    Can i suck dem titties??

  • Shido Ridhwan SD

    i want to know what song is that???

  • Alaxandar Saysamone

    Fan request someone resurrected god then he became the main enemy and summon the four horsemen of judgement

  • Drun Ken

    Would be nice if you had a source for the release date. Oh wait, you’re just making this shit up to farm traffic. 😡

  • Arpit Agarwal

    for rias and issei to end up together, asia must die!

  • kirin chirodri

    cant wait until January 2016

  • Ronan

    All Asia does is gets kidnapped and interrupts hot scenes. Only good thing is Issei gets a BOOST after every time she’s kidnapped

  • Michael

    they left season 3 on a clif hanger so i hope they do make season 4

  • Tyler

    So there is gonna be a season 4…

  • JP

    Holy smoke. They just finished BorN a few months ago and they’re dropping another season before the year is out? I know it’s popular enough to just keep going, but that is some serious breakneck pace they have there. I guess this gravy train just don’t stop.

  • Issei

    thanks allot I know what happens now shit

  • http://myanimelist.net/profile/KuroganeKanata Kanata Kurogane

    My body is ready!

  • Jordan Fess

    Lol look up “season 4 of” and one of the results is anime and its High school DxD 4 :D!!

  • stewie

    basically a month and a half left! I’m so ready for the new adventures!

    • stewie

      It’s so low-key though, I haven’t heard anything about season 4, haven’t seen any recent news about it, or even a trailer/teaser…. kind of makes me a little nervous.

  • Mr.Issei-Sama

    Issei is an asshole , Rias told him she wanted him to call her RIAS instead of president, when they got out of the dimensional gap, back on the beach on the last episode, and he few minutes later is calling her president again.. he is the onlyone that calls rias president i dont see the others calling her like that.. they just call her by her name .. issei needs to get serious very soon and fuck the hell out of Ria’s ass.

  • Mr.Issei-Sama

    i just can’t wait for season 4.. i want issei and rias get laid so bad

  • Jabbathehutt

    as I understand it since he never underwent the study in seasion 3 he had dragon training solely instead as such the exam (as stated below) might not make the anime seasion 4 so don’t worry about the so called below spoiler.

  • Nick Lancial

    yeah but if this is following the light novel than we know in the next season or so a MASSIVE event is gonna happen that rocks the occult club as far as coupling goes even though it seems Rias and Issei will get togather (despite how Issei acts most of the time) I still think theres gonna be a Harem ending which i think is gonna happen In “everyday life with monster girls” not to mention that Issei has become a badass if anything in the last season i was surprised that Shalba was stupid enough to piss off the RED DRAGON EMPEROR you’d think when ur provoking the owner of one of the two most powerful sacred gears in existence (although he did steal the Divine Dragons ability too so he may be more powerful) who’s always getting stronger and was able to take on and beat the heir of one of the most powerful families in hell you wouldn’t do the one …really…STUPID THING…that guarantees he’s gonna go super psycho on u

  • katsuragi_keima

    i hope issei power grows futher…

  • Rias

    Guys what if this is fake? :'( any other proof for release date?

  • shawn

    this better be true lol xD had seen some fakes earlier in the past months …

  • lennox

    When is season 4 suppose to come out???

  • lennox

    Season 4?

  • Riley Feeman

    High School DxD 4 season release date is scheduled for December of 2015.

    sounds like lies to me .an ova episode is coming out in December

  • Issa

    Yes,i agrees with you

  • Issa

    Issei and Rais ,it’s very good

  • Issa

    Asia should not intervene has every time Issei is with Rays(Spokes) because that irritates me!

  • Issa


  • beastslayer

    akeno is the best and should be with issei

  • Hollow

    wait so it’s confirmed?!I thought it would be an OVA not a trailer.Actually there might be a trailer inside the ova…

    • Energizer

      yes its confirmed that it is an OVA but i really hope that season 4 will get released soon

      • Johan

        Is the OVA released? Please give me the link :3

        • Energizer

          I don’t know where to find the ova but it got released yesterday

        • Energizer

          Yes the OVA is released but I don’t have I link for it but if anyone finds it pls share

    • Energizer

      The OVA will be released 9th december if im correct

  • Karthus the Deathsinger

    You are the candle burning onto nothingness.

  • Energizer

    they will probably make a seasons 4 because season 3 ending quiet weird but right now what we know is 9th december they will release a OVA for Highschool dxd New.

    • florent

      thats good for a beginning ….. we hope for a season 4 …i want to see issei (the pervert) in action

  • Mk Lucero

    +cazzer But I read that it was about Issei’s kids going in time to change it? But now when I heard this I really hope it does because I like this better than having Issei kids with everyone and they tries to change the timeline! (Fingers cross!:))

  • KouseiArima

    HHHHHH sometimes ignorance is a bliss lmao , go and check it idiot lol there is no announcement + we are almost in january , are you saying they are going to announce it in dec? get real LOOL

  • KouseiArima

    and here comes the kid comments lol , well when you grow up come back again :)

    • florent

      oh god …how old are you ? 10 ..you are saying only lol just like being a kid …talking with you its a waste of time ….fuck you ..

      • KouseiArima

        lool look who is talking , a kid who only knows how to curse ppl , grow up (im saying lol cuz you are a funny kid ) and btw try to separate reality from anime , cuz that might hurt you in the future when you GROW up

  • KouseiArima

    well they know that im smart enough to find stupid ones and figure them out and rekt them 😀

  • KouseiArima

    atleast im not STUPID enough to get all hyped cuz of some RUMORS and start cursing ppl cuz they said rumors are fake :’p

  • KouseiArima

    thank you :) but why would i fuck off when you are the one started this sht? brain problem?

  • Rias Gremory

    Spoilers for all. No for real don’t read this if you don’t want some of the show to be spoiled.

    As Cazzer said yes Issei need to pass four tasks or courses or whatever you want to call it but there’s more, Ravel will be joining the Occult Research Club If you don’t know who Ravel is then this should give you an idea…Raiser’s little sister, next Koneko is only in her “Child Form” when she undos the spell which I don’t remember she will be like Rias and Akeno and what I mean that is by the oppai and waist…I think, here’s another one everyone will love…Do you all remember when Rias had the suit of armor, like Issei’s….Well that isn’t the last time you get to see it…She gets to keep it (yay) Umm there much more to read in the highschool DxD wiki but I’m not gonna spoil everything I only gave you a bit of a spoiler.

  • MrXFancy

    I just finished all 3 season and know im finding out there is going to be a 4th is so exciting :)

    • Energizer

      I have also done that but now I’m watching it again for the third time trying to se all the seasons and OVAs and specials on just this month because I want to finish all of them by new year because I have nothing better to do. but I cant freaking wait for season 4

  • batata

    yo its december 2015 when is the season coming out?

  • Xxdarkspartanxx

    If Asia doesn’t get in the fucking way it’s all good btw fuck her

  • Deprimo

    Issei calls Rias by her own name because THEY ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP. THEY ARE OFFICIAL. The members of the club already calls Rias as “The Legal Wife” and their relationship is popular in the Underworld. And in the Human World, people are suspecting about the behaviour of Issei and Rias and started the rumor about the two of them calling by their own names without honorofics. But the girls are not giving up. AND THE ISSEI X RIAS MOMENTS ARE GETTING HOTTER BECAUSE OF THAT.

    Asia is now a Dragon Tamer and produces a new Balance Breaker.
    Same as Issei, he now obtained a new power called Diabolos Dragon with Infinite Power. In his armor, the color and the shaped changed with a shade of dark red and black. Rias was influenced by Issei’s power therefore she created an armor similar to Scale Mail but female version (but not similar to her armor in Season 3… Her new armor is way cooler and sexier)

    Issei’s parents already know about Issei’s secret life. Not only Issei’s parents know about it but Kiryuu also know about the Occult Research Club’s secret identities since Kiryuu accidentally summoned Xenovia. She kept it a secret and she gets along with the OCR members (but not all of them)

    The senpais are now graduating so there should be new leaders in the Kuoh Academy.
    OCR Bouchou: Asia Argento
    OCR Fukubouchou: Yuuto Kiba
    And guess what, the new Student Council issssssssss… Wait for it… Wait for it…
    And the Vice President is Saji!


  • Ali Raza

    Everybody who wants to know about season four read this.
    I am writing this on December 28, 2015 and there is no official information about season 4.
    They have not even said that they will make a season 4.
    Everything you are reading in most forums is a lie.
    Season four is releasing in early 2016. (LIE)
    Issei’s kids going to the past (LIE)


    I Love This Show and i hate it when people spread wrong information about it.

    • Energizer

      but we are all pretty sure they are going to make a season 4 because they just cant end the series just like that and they are not even done with the LN’s yet + they a have just coverd up i think between 7 – 8 of the LN’s so im pretty sure there will be a season 4 and 5 beacuse there is 20 LN’s right now (sorry for my bad english)

      • Ali Raza

        Energizer i would love for them to make a 4th season. I want this anime to make 10 seasons. But my main point was that don’t trust these forums they are spreading lies. And i know there are 20 Light Novels. But many anime have been cancelled no matter how long the LN/manga is.
        So my main point i want them to make the 4th season but right now there is no information about it. Everything you are reading in this forum and most Comments is a lie.

        • Energizer

          maybe they are lies maybe there not we dont really know that. but if you think everything in this forum is a lie then i can tell you to stop looking for other forums because then they are lies too. but im pretty sure that it will have a few more seasons because this anime is really popular in Japan.

          • Ali Raza

            That is what i am saying stop looking at these forums go straight to their official site.


            “”At the moment, the TNK studio is yet to renew or cancel the anime.””

          • Energizer

            buthttp://when-will.net/anime/1465-will-there-be-high-school-dxd-born-season-4-release-date.html is just like these forums + the site is named disqus so this is just a disqusion not official release dates we just disqus thats why we are on these forums for disqusing things just like when-will.net

          • Ali Raza

            when-will.net guys never give out miss information. If you see their site they have clearly written.
            “”At the moment, the TNK studio is yet to renew or cancel the anime.””

            If you see the first line of this forum.

            “”High School DxD 4 season release date was confirmed. The fans of this popular anime TV show can wait for new episodes in 2015.””

            I recommended when-will.net because never have these guys ever gave wrong information. I also gave you a second link which is of funimation. On that site you will see the same as when-will.net

    • Xaviers

      Yer same here bro, mad respect

  • That one guy

    Ok, how the hell do you pronounce Asia’s name? Is it, like, the continent? Or is it like, a-si-a? Or a-sia? Wtf!

  • Hariz Fauzi

    i want to see issei and rias be more romantic dxd btw i love this story no1 fans……

  • justin zoorob

    is it out yet?

    • Energizer

      They havn’t announced anything yet about the 4th season but im sure someday this year they will release the 4th season there are rumors that it will get released this spring but im 50/50 about that.

  • Burger Bunny

    It’s 2016 now, and I havn’t been up to date with Highschool DXD. What’s been up?

  • josh

    it’s the 4 of january and still nothing i hope they put out some more info soon ;(

  • LovinRias

    Anybody know when the fourth season is suppose to start? Heard it was suppose to start in the beginning of 2016 but nothing yet. Anybody?

  • Mk Lucero

    I agree with you bro fast forwarding time is a really dumb move and yes we would miss out all the good moments specially the ero moments!XD And yeah I would want to see Issei bang Rias really hard and maybe the others aswell, lol jk! I am now reading the LN online and starting at vol. 5 so you can say I’m starting the whole season 3 XD

    • Xaviers

      Nice bro, are you going to keep through the volumes till up to date or are you going to get up to thestart of volume 7 and stop and wait for season four to come out?

      • Mk Lucero

        I think I’ll read up to vol. 7 and wait for season 4 to come out. Also if I decide to read the vol. 7 and end up in vol. 8. Do I still need to read it?, because I heard is like a side vol. and the main story continues in vol. 11 I think. Or maybe I should aswell read it because it plays a role in the main story in the future, if you understand what I mean.

        • Xaviers

          I think I get what u mean, correct me if I’m wrong but u think that volume 8,9 and 10 are side adventures away from the main story line?

          • Mk Lucero

            Yeah, that’s what I heard from the others, I’m not so sure myself but I will read them anyway. Just because I love the series! XD

  • Mk Lucero

    Well I guess I’ll just read up to vol. 7 since season 3 is vol. 5,6,7 and stop there so I won’t spoil too much. Maybe that’s the best, what do you think?

  • Thedragon

    Any information on season 4

  • Mk Lucero

    I know what you mean bro, I too want too see Issei bang Rias really hard but I also want him to bang the others aswell. But not hard as he do it to Rias though if u know what I mean man. I’ve seen the ovas and the specials like two times and the seasons aswell. I think I can hold myself till season 4 comes out, if I can’t wait and already finished vol.7 I can just watch the seasons again!:)

    • Xaviers

      hey bro u watch dub or sub?

  • Jolo

    When does season 4 come out

  • Mk Lucero

    Yeah, bro I know what you mean but I don’t want Asia to die I just want her to stay out of the way when something erotic is gonna happend. Damn I also have the same feeling when Issei and Rias was gonna get it on and Asia just came out of nowhere like John Cena would do lol! But I really get mad and just wanna throw myself out of the window jk!XD And yes I watched the dub vers. Did you watch the ova (unreserructed phoenix) and the the special episode that came out on christmas (steamy-grayfia)?

  • Mk Lucero

    Yeah, heard it like in YouTube, I was kinda chocked myself when I heard about this and isn’t the voice-actor of Akeno also like a victim of that crime? that’s why they changed the voice-actor. And it’s a special episode, gonna check today if eng sub is out since it’s was only raw!

    • Energizer

      Do you have the link to that youtube clip? just wondering.

  • Mk Lucero

    I actually haven’t notice the difference of Akeno’s voice being change until now. Because I was too damn busy looking at her body and her OPPAI!!!XD So I don’t know, but I did notice it with Issei’s voice going to light to darker voice but it’s still hard to choose. I mean I like ’em both but… What about you which one do you prefer the most?

    • Xaos Kai

      Question: in the light novel, will issei ever be able to go to juggernaut drive willingly because the last time he did was pretty badass

  • Jack Healey

    i like it when Rias and Akeno get there thing on with Issei, it’s as good as porn.

  • ACE R42

    season 4 isn’t even out yet newest season is highschool DXD born which is season 3

  • issei hyoudou

    Actually in the great war it was fallen angels and regular angels vs devils

  • Gavin

    i agree entirely i think just about every time that issie and rias can actually do something alone ASIA gets her dumb ass involved and cock blocks them like wtf i think issie and rias should be together in my opinion i think it would make the story better

  • Gavin

    i watched all seasons so far and read the light novels

  • Sam Walters

    so where is the release date? its fucking february 2016

    • Energizer

      what i know is that it will probably come out in the middle of the summer this year or next year

  • Steve

    Still waiting for it? High school DxD Ex

  • Kingoflegion

    Got spoilers for the 5 season I hate how season 4 ended and don’t want to what till summer

  • Kingoflegion

    Seas ok n 3 I mean

  • Jose Gomez

    lying turds

  • Venskevicius Linas

    Why season 4 named new and released on 2016 did i miss a season? Kuz 8 only inow of dxd. Dxd born and dxd new

  • http://oxvo.info/ Valentin Amelchenko

    Released anime series High School DxD season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – April 4, 2017. https://oxvo.info/high-school-dxd-season-4/

  • nader

    please when the fourth season will release???