Payday 3 Release Date

Payday 3 release date

Payday 3 release date was confirmed. As you may have guessed, after selling half a million copies of Payday 2, the developers without thinking decided to create the third game in the series. Actually in this article we will discuss what we expect innovations will also be considered: when is Payday 3 release date?

Based on the words of David Goldfarb, the third Payday will be punctuated by stealth, because this topic is increasingly gaining momentum. As practice shows, the players like quietly sneak into hard-to-room and there to arrange a riot. A good example was the game Dishonored. Also during the next interview, David said that there will be a new game mode. At this time we are given the opportunity to try yourself as a police officer.

Payday 3 release date

About the new features of the game:

By passing the above is not excluded as well the option of introducing multiplayer. It is possible that 3 Payday become something more than just another FPS. Can you imagine how it would be cool: four people playing as a whole – are trying to rob a bank, against four police officers – to protect the bank? I would like to note that we are considering the possibility of implementing different types of cars. Agree it would be fun to fly over-clocking in the bank.

Everything else promise to add new and interesting old things: vests, rifles, grenades and various types of what we love so much – the mask.

Actually when should we expect an official announcement? Based on the trend of output parts, release date Payday 3 will be known not earlier than in 2016, since the job of work to be quite a lot.

Payday 3 release date was confirmed in 2016 (approximately).

What do you want to see in the new Payday game?

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  • PumpDaddy

    stealth is for pussies and faggots.

    • Josh

      Going in guns blazing is for idiots with deathwishes.

      • *Darkness*

        your wright,but payday would be crap without some actoin and would be a dump without stealth the mix of thoses two thing put together is what makes it so special and realistic ๐Ÿ™‚ payday still my favorite game ever!

      • Thomas Mcgowan




    • Hogballs

      Your stupid. You analyze manhood thru video game play…that’s pussy

    • Big boss

      Use ur brain not ur strength

  • Kevin Breuer

    Splitscreen Mode would be Best ! ๐Ÿ™‚


    the best thing for payday now would be to make as many games as we can handle and then start cramming them down our throats until we love it
    no srsly i love payday and i would love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MegaChris456 .

    So.. no release date then. False title, please change it.

  • Senka

    Less DLCs

  • Steven Miller

    I’m surprisingly STILL playing Payday 2.. I never even went online with it. But I do enjoy doing all the heist solo and I prefer stealth over guns blazing every time since most of the skill perks favor stealth builds….. Payday 3 would be a day-1 purchase for me…..

    • Anon

      Every time I go for a stealth option, somehow I manage to f**k it up.

  • Hogballs

    It’s a video game. Pussies and faggots, lol. Your playing a video game.

  • GSUser

    Since it will take too long to develop, I wish if they make it for PS5/Xbox 2, I hate it when games are released on aging consoles, like PayDay 2.

    Look at Overkill’s “Storm” game, I think it has been in development for 4 years and is still coming in 2017. That makes it 5 years in development if it won’t be delayed even more.

  • Eli Contreras

    To get to make your own character to the crew or to make your own crew online and player and make fo Ps3!

  • chris

    i hope payday 3 come in 2017

  • Macephtopheles

    “Payday 3 release date was confirmed in 2016 (approximately).”
    No, it was definitely said and confirmed in 2016 that Payday 3 IS happening. No approximation needed. What isn’t confirmed is the ACTUAL release date, which this whole article was supposed to be revealing. And, (if the broken English of the entire article is anything to go by) if that quote is claiming that Payday 3 will be released in 2016 then that’s utter crap. I mean Starbreeze created a live action web series along with numerous trailers as well as constantly updating fans prior to the launch of Payday 2 but the writer of this article is under the assumption it will be out this year without a single trailer? Uh huh, course it will.