What is the Release Date for Gang Related, Season 2?

What is the release date for the Gang Related, season 2

What is the release date for the Gang Related, season 2? Will be it renewed for the 2nd season at all?

The release date of Matador, season 2 is a major concern to many fans of the show. Although until official statements about the second season by the show’s creators of the series, there are chances that the story of the police who works for the mafia will continue.

Each episode of the first season of this Fox show drew to television screens up to three million of people – such ratings give hopes for the second season.

The release date for the Gang Related, season 2 is rumored

The series Gang Related is a “mole” of the mafia from Los Angeles who became a cop. The show is based on the popular 1997 film with the same title. The main role back there were given to James Belushi and the rapper Tupac Shakur.

The rumored release date of Gang Related, Season 2 is summer of 2015.

Did you like the first season? Do you want to see more episodes of the show?

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  • Debbi

    I loved this show. I hope they do bring this back for sure.

  • Carmen

    The show was great want the show to continue

  • Samantha

    Omg gang related is the best show ever!! The suspense the drama so awesome can’t wait for season 2

  • Michael

    I really hope there is a season 2. My fianc? and I love this show can’t wIt to see what happens next!! This show is awesome and definetly needs more seasons

  • Jeremy Phillips

    Best show on tv. My wife and I can’t get enough. Finally something on tv that’s not reality based.

    • Jeremy Phillips

      Please let there be a second season!!!!!

  • Josue Alday

    Season 2 gang related would be perfect next summer

  • Josue Alday

    Season 2 gang related would be perfect next summer I give it a 100 hundreds

  • Ali

    Love this show!!!! Please bring it back for another season

  • Sara

    This show is awesome . Looking forward to second season. BUT IT NEEDS WAY MORE ADVERTISING TO GET MORE VIEWERS.

  • wendy

    Best series I have seen in a long time. Can’t wait for season 2.

  • Jose

    Bad ass show better than dexter

  • Liza Cruz

    Please don’t let the series finish!!! The show must continue!!
    It was exciting to watch.. Please re-consider letting the show continue!!!

  • Vanessa Harris

    Are you kidding me, everybody and their mama wants to see this show continued. It amazes me that the good shows always get cancelled, but the garbage that is call entertainment continues on and on and on. PLEEEESE BRING IT BACK. Need to continue since we were left hanging with the one season.

  • b.sledge


  • Julia

    I was hooked the minute I started watching the show. I loved the suspense!! There HAS TO BE A SEASON 2!! FOX CAN NOT LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS!!!

    WHEN IS SEASON 2!!!!???