Rise of The Guardians 2 Release Date

Rise of The Guardians 2 release date

Rise of The Guardians 2 release date was planned by DreamWorks. Check the information below.

Fans of the popular animated cartoons made by DreamWorks are eagerly waiting for Rise of The Guardians 2 release date that is expected next year.

DreamWorks studio each year pleases lovers of quality animation for its works. And one of those that gathered the outstanding box office was the cartoon titled as Rise of The Guardians that was filmed based on the eponymous children’s book by William Joyce.

The Plot:

The plot revolves around a bunch of traditional American fairy-tale characters – Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Sandman. There is also a villain who wants to kidnap dreams of little kids. You must prevent such crime.

Rise of The Guardians release date happened in 2012. And then the creators have promised that soon will begin work on the sequel. However, the official information about Rise of The Guardians 2 release date has appeared only this spring. Moreover, in recent years many projects of DreamWorks have been closed, though Rise of The Guardians 2 premiere has been already scheduled for spring of 2016.

Rise of The Guardians 2 release date was planned

Rise of The Guardians 2 release date must be expected in spring of 2016.

Rise of The Guardians 2 release date on Bluray is planned for summer of 2016.

DVD release date of Rise of The Guardians 2 is also expected in summer of 2016.

While waiting for Rise of The Guardians 2 premiere, check the latest video of the franchise – Rise of The Guardians movie trailer 2:

What do you want to see in Rise of The Guardians 2 premiere?

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  • naeema abdul

    awesome! dreamworks is so musch cooler! they had move other moves down just to make this one! THE BEST VERY.

  • Elliot

    should make krampus as Santa’s greatest foe as somehow krampus got upper hand so need guardians to reinforce Santa

  • Kya

    I really think that they should dive into pitch’s backstory, its really sad if you look into it

  • NemoLeeGreen

    I think we should actually see the master/founder of the ROTG: God.

    They should decide who should voice him.

  • Kate

    Sadly I don’t think this will ever happen since Comcast bought out DreamWorks.

  • Jessica Chudyk

    I’d love to see another movie of this!! especially if they do a crossover with Frozen. Now that would be awesome!!! I just LOVE crossovers!!!!!

  • http://lindsaymead.blogspot.com/ Lindsay Mead

    That would never happen. It’s a fun idea, but they’re from competing companies. Not even Marvel and DC would commingle like that.

  • Jennifer Whittle

    so is there a release date set or are the Rumors true? This movie is a no-go

  • T.L. :p


    This actually tricked me for a few minutes lol

    • http://conwaycreations.co.uk Richard Conway

      Very annoying!

  • http://conwaycreations.co.uk Richard Conway

    I don’t think I like this website…

  • disqus_i0SZmEempO

    I would like to find out who each guardian was in life, like they did Jack.