The Messengers 2 Season Release Date

The Messengers 2 season release date

The Messengers 2 season release date was announced by CW channel. Check the details below.

The new sci-fi drama The Messengers broadcasted on CW channel, whether viewers continue to watch what is happening in the world after the fall of the mysterious object.

As CW channel decided to renew the show for the second season, but there are doubts. This message came just after airing three episodes, although there is a chance that the first season consists of 13 episodes will be aired until the end.

The Messengers 2 season release date was announced

The Plot:

The Messengers told the story of how a mysterious object falls to the ground and explodes with a blinding flash. It sends a shock wave that instantly connects five strangers. They get extraordinary ability to heal others by inexplicable forces.

The pilot season of the show started very badly for CW and reached a new low with 650,000 viewers.

The Messengers 2 season release date is yet to be announced or confirmed as closed by CW channel.

The Messengers 2 season release date on Bluray and DVD is yet to be announced.

What do you think? Do you like the Messengers?

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  • Shannon Riggle

    Please we want season2

  • Susan Martina

    Really hoping for a season 2 the Messengers grows on you and leaves you wanting to know more..Must see ..please bring it back!

  • powervr

    this is why I don’t like series, they stop the show just because the ratings or some other bullshit…

  • Angelica Erazo

    I agree! This is an awesome show! Please pick up season 2!!!!! You can’t just leave us with such a big cliffhanger,….please!!!