Wolfblood 4 Season Release Date

Wolfblood 4 season release date

Wolfblood 4 season release date was announced. What do you want to see in the next season of this TV show?

Will there be a sequel of a fantasy series by British film company – CBBC? The first episode of the new season excites thousands of fans around the world.

In September 2014 the third season of the popular television series was aired. Fans are already starting to be interested in the fate of the continuation. What will happen to them next? What to expect from the 4th season of Wolfblood?

The plot:

Wolfblood mixes mysticism and mystery, friendship and love. The series is based on ancient legends of half-wolves. These mystical creatures have the ability to turn into humans and live freely in their environment. However, when the full moon rises, these creatures at the call of the wild nature turn into huge and powerful werewolves that run deep forest far from civilization and people.

Maddie is the main character of the series. She goes to the high school and she is a wolf-girl, like the rest of her family. Once the girl met at the school with a rookie who turned out to be the same as it is. With their friendship begins this story.

Wolfblood 4 season release date was confirmed

Judging by critics and audience rating, followed by the third seasonΒ  there definitely will be the 4th season. The new series of the TV project, viewers will see in 2016. But wait the official statements from the creators to just be confident in it.

Wolfblood 4 season release date is September 2016 (approximately).

What do you want to see in the new season?

(24 votes, average: 4.29 out of 5)
  • Wolfblood now

    I want to see bobby and Aimee back together And something happen supernatural instead of wolfbloods

    • Samantha

      Yah everyone want maddie make (Aimee), I also want to see Shannon and Tom together

      • person

        Shannon and Tom are together now

  • shelby

    i want to see maddy come back

    • adri

      We want Maddy back !!! We want Maddy back !!! We want Maddy back !!!!!

      • Isidoros

        When the second season stopped, i thought that Maddy will return at the third but she didnt. Please we want her back on fourth season.

  • Samantha

    I want to see Rhydian, Maddie, Shannon, and Tom all back together again, it’s not the same without them together

    • samuel

      i feel the same as you

    • Luna

      I think think so to.

    • Darian

      I agree with you

  • Isabella

    I want so much like so much for Maddi to come back and for her and R. To get back together and for everyone to be okay and for them all to be wolfbloods I want that more then anything like anything. Please please please please please

    • shayanne

      me too i love maddie and R when they are together

  • panda

    I haven’t watched season 3 but I hope theres a season 4 and that Maddie comes back. I really disliked Shannon throughout the two seasons. She seemed very bratty and doesn’t seem to be that good of a friend. She cares about her research more than her friends and it’s hard for me to get around that.

    • samuel

      i feel the same she was bratty mean and almost hated everyone and if i was her i would give up the research and just live a nice life with my friends and not get bullied!

    • wolfblood craziest fan

      i agree. soo much it is true

    • someone!! ;)

      she was just confused and annoyed by the lack of honesty… you have to give her a break. Yes, I get that its just a TV show, but if one of your best friends had a life changing secret wouldn’t you want her to tell you? Tom and Shannon had a good reason to act out, but I’m sure everyone appreciates your honesty. That’s what everyone is looking for. Just done be so judgy when you don’t even know if you’d do the save exact thing.

    • Isidoros

      Please watch the third season and then you will change your mind

  • Breaona Atkinson

    i want to see maddy and Rhydian together in stoneybridge again and for her parents to be ok with it so that maddy Rhydian tom an shannon can all be a team again that would make the sires much more better i think and please post asap when season 4 does come out

  • person

    I want Maddy and her family to come back and live in Stoneybridge and for all 5 of them (Maddy, Rhydian, Tom, Shannon and Jana) to be together and solve mysteries or something. I’m leaving it up to Debbie Moon. It’s just not the same without all of them together. Please pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Also please post ASAP if/when the making of season 4 has been confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • person

    Please I feel really depressed please Aimee Kelly come back and do at least one more season to wrap things up properly. Debbie Moon I have an idea for the first episode; Rhydian, Maddy and her family try to get back to Stoneybridge. Only they are being stopped by Segolia (or however you spell it, I forgot) or something. I really have no idea that was just a thought. But yeah I’m just disappointed that it Aimee Kelly left (although everyone else is good too!) and that there might not be season 4. I’m your BIGGEST fan. Sorry for ranting just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

  • person

    Look. I doubt anyone is going to read the things I’ve posted. But I just wanted to say that I have a REALLY strange imagination. I watch TV shows or movies that I love sooooooooooo much, like Wolfblood, and for some reason, it all becomes real in my head. I just get so attached to them and I don’t know what to do about it. And then the show ends and I feel like someone just stole a part of me. It often hurts me. So I’m just hoping that CBBC is going to do at least ONE last season to wrap things up. For closure. But if it’s possible please CBBC, do as many seasons as possible?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And can you try to persuade Aimee Kelly to come back?!?!?!?!?! I think it’s a great idea that she went back to school but I read that it only takes a few months to make 13 episodes (a season) and it can’t be that much to ask, right??? Again, sorry for ranting. #Wolfblood’sbiggestfan

    • Cool gal

      Heya, I understand what you mean πŸ˜› I love this show and often feel like the characters are real πŸ™‚ If there is going to be a season 4 it will most likely be aired early September 2015 πŸ˜›

    • Ahjah Williams

      Wolfblood is so cool and I want it to go on and to never stop I love the characters in the show

      • samuel

        who is your favorite

        • Lia


          • Lia

            And rydian

        • Amanda

          TOM!! it was so cute the way he got jealous when he though maddy and rhydian bcuz his face in season1 episode 6 titled Maddy Cool his face when he walked into the darkroom and Maddy and Rhydian were FOREHEAD TO FOREHEAD.

    • malaysia

      that happens to me to it’s kinda an escape from the real world and I love it but I have netflix and it is sooo fucking slow and i can’t watch CBBC and I think they are gonna let amiee kelly back the show was kinda a drag without her

      • Amanda

        yeah malaysia i got kinda bored after Aimee wasnt there but to find out tht rhydian goes to Canada and finds her they kind of have to let her back on cause what r the writers going to do ‘ OH rhydian comes back but with out maddy to leave the viewers in pain and sorrow’ NOOOO

    • angelina

      I feel the same as you, I want her to come back too!!!!

    • Luke Cody

      It becomes real in my head too i used to pretend i was a wolfblood and then after watching the walking dead i pretended to be a walker it was so stupid but awesome

      • Isidoros

        me too

      • Amanda

        ME TOO like i told my mom ‘is there something about my family I dont know’ and she said ‘Other than we keep dogs alot No’ and then i went to my room and started singing I LOOK SO DUMB RIGHT NOW!

    • faith

      so right love wolfblood plz let there be a season 4

    • Mariah

      I agree with you

    • CottenWind

      Its the same for me but I really hope they do!

    • tierrat

      We want Maddy back I understand the collage this game but Maddie was the best and she just left like that we need maddy

      • samuel

        i feel you she was my favorite character and when she left the series i felt like a pile of sadness i think she should come back

    • tierrat

      Sorry didn’t mean to say game

    • random

      USA here and I found my twin over seas I feel the exact same way!

    • Darian

      I feel the same

    • #WolfBloodLover

      I Feel You! This happens to me a lot not only in movies or shows but also books. It sucks a lot sometimes i dont know if i’ll make it through life

    • Kelsi

      Agree with everything you said there! I think they asked Aimee already but she said no.
      So wish I was Wolfblood!!!!!

  • Jonjo

    i want to see Maddy come back as one of the bad guys, as an double agent for segolia who eventually turns against them or something.

    • belle

      no she should not be evil and turn against her friends

    • Corey

      segolia was never the bad guys it was all kincade

      • Kelsi

        EVIL KINCADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  • Miranda

    Maddie won’t come back she quit so she could go to collage

  • malaysia

    It doesn’t matter as long as maddie (amiee) is in it I almost stopped watching it because the 3rd season didn’t have her in it I’m glad I didn’t though. I guess I can wait till september even though its january

  • Gabby

    I LOVE Wolfblood!!! I hope that Maddy comes back, and I would love it if it could be picked up here in the states so I don’t have to wait for Netflix to air the new season.

  • Anybody

    wolfblood season 4 episode 1 giveaway !!!!!!!

    2 years later

    The setting is in a supermarket, Shannon, Jana and her dad are shopping and can’t find the green tea they sell, so they confront a worker and ask where the green tea is the worker says aisle 7 and Shannon faints because the worker is Maddy!

    Maddy says hi and helps Shannon up, Shannon says Maddy its so great to see you and starts joyfully crying. They all go home to a different house deep in the woods in Maddy’s parents car when they come to pick her up. Maddy’s parents say no contact with anybody! Because Rydian never told them it was safe because he never got the chance and the smiths think they could still be caught.

    At the house the parents yell at Maddy and say to Shannon and Jana ( Jana’s dad didn’t come) i am sorry we didn’t know when to tell you we were back we’ve been here for 3 months making a new home. Canada wasn’t for us.

    Rydian is running in the woods and picks up Jana’s smell he follows it to Maddy’s new house he goes inside and sees them arguing he says Maddy!

    Maddy’s parents say i thought we said to leave canada and stop following us.

    i will post the rest in a week-

    • cheryl

      HURRY I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-(

      • Please stop!

        this is a lie. Debbie doesn’t spoil

    • Natalia Garcia

      Maddy please come back and yay season 4

    • samuel

      i don’t think you should because someone like me does like giveaways that’s why i didn’t read it !!!!!

    • faith bruce

      what is the ress are where did u find out this infoe bc i must at meant this infoe is poppin

  • Ahjah Williams

    Maddie is not seen at all in the third series period not even a glims of her in Canada. That is just messed up man like seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shayanne

      i know right i hate that!

      • samuel

        its just stupid it’s cruel i hope she is in season 4 or else i am going to have a word with cbbc!!!

        • Please stop!

          Just stop? Stop complaining It isn’t Amy’s fault she want to colleage. Ok? She made no plans to return, Debbie Moon even said.

    • samuel

      i know it ticked me off!!! when they dint even show her once!!!

  • Maream

    Honestly out of all the other fantasy tv shows and movies about wolfs i think this one is the best and i cant wait to see another season. Oh and i love their British accents its so cute.

    • Kelsi

      Northern for Maddie and Jana tho. It IS set in Northumberland which is in the North of the UK.

  • Michele Mae Waser

    Maddie and Rhydian ROMANCE, that’s what I’d LOVE too watch.

    • shayanne

      me to

      • samuel

        yeah its nice to see the two together

  • malaysia

    i think they need to redeem the show without maddie (amiee) it was a total bomb I usually watch the season in one day it took me 4 weeks to even make it worth my time of watching the end of season 3 and since rydian moved to canada and see’s maddie we might see new characters and lovey dovey shit and maybe a little jealousy idk but they really should step it back up to get there 2.5 million fans back they only have 9.8 million i think now

  • fellow wolf

    there should be a wolfblood season 4! because well it got so interesting and I loveeee wolves, anyways I’m amlike soo focused on it and I hopefully get to see season 4 of because there should be a continuence of Wolfblood. If it wasn’t for this show my imagination and the reality of it would be dead

  • shayanne

    i want another season because one i want to know if maddie comes on the show and her and rydian have a love connetion. Also that if rydian friend the red head girl survives. Also because i am a huge fan and to see if the pack will betray the leader again and they might die or not and i really want maddie to come back because she was my fav character

    • samuel

      she’s my fav character to

  • WolfBlood

    I LOVE THIS SHOW..hope u guys are doing a great job..hope you brought back Aimee Kelly..it wouldn’t be the same without her..she cant let Rhydain be a lone wolf.. we need the EPIC love story to continue..We love that its cheesy, funny, and wildly adventurous,. hope the shocking mysteries will give us more adrenaline of how things will go..i cant wait til the 4th season…keep bringing them. cuz vampires are alright..but WolfBloods are the Shit!..this show tells it all.. thank you for giving the fans something WORTH watching..thats…..I cant even put into words. I just really need to know that maddy and rhydian will have their love.

  • Elizabeth Woodson

    I really want Maddy to come back Does anyone know if she is

  • Breonna

    CBBC Pleas try to get Amiee Kelly back I’m begging you pleas try

  • madeline

    GRRRRR There HAS to be season four! I am dying without it! If Aimee Kelly deos not come back I will cry my freakin heart out! I need her + rydiann to be together as a couple. THIS HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!!!!!

  • brana

    i really want there to be a season 4 because i can’t imagine the show ending without them together

  • Julianna

    I love ? WolfBlood it is part of my life I really want Maddy to came back! I know she has school it is just I want her back I was really disappointed when maddy didn’t come back for season 3. I really liked how Rydian and Maddy had a moment before season 2 and they kissed and said we will find each other. That is my fav part of the seasons I really hope they make a season 4 because I really want to find out what happens with Rydian and Maddy!

  • Rain Mitchell

    I wish Amiee could come back and do the show. It’s so different without her.

  • The Hopeful Person

    Wolfblood changed my life and it made me feel like I was in a whole different,amazing, and magical world. I got to see the romance, adventure, and fantasy in this show that I can’t see anywhere else. Every time I watched a new episode or there was a clifhanger, my stomach would knot in suspense and this only wolfblood gives me that feeling. I can’t wait for season 4 because without it, I could not have that jolt of suspence when I am doing anything else.

  • Caleb Miller

    Wolfblood is a great show. I know that changes the topic but if there were people with this gift i would understand why they’ve been in hiding. Looking in world history we have hunted and killed people because they were different. If we changed the way we acted back then there could be a chance there would be people with this gift out there. i hope i don’t sound weird or crazy

    • John Harrison

      I LOV DC THIS SERIES i love everything about. But one thing why does maddie have to leave. If season 4 does a not have maddy in it i bet u will loose alot of fans. And maddy cant u wait for college i know its important but why did u start this show if ur not going to finish it correctly and i thought u wanted to be an actor. BUT PLEASE MADDY IF UR LOOKING AT THIS PLEASE THINK ABOUT HOW MANY FANS U HAVE AND HOW MANY FANS U CAN LOSE IF U DONT APPEAR IN SEASON 4. But overall this is my best seriee ever love the cast keep the great things up. Last u are very beautiful Aimee Kelly. Hope u come back

  • Caleb Miller

    look guys, we all want maddy,(amiee) to be back on the show but she is in college and the in the world that depend on a college degree you need one to get the job that you want.

  • CalebJustice

    I can’t wait for the 4th session of wolfblood. It let’s me go into a world of my own, and the show needs the characters they started the session with every one of them, the good and the bad, this are some ways to make the show better and keep people wanting more of each show. Bring this world of adventure, friendship, love, and people who are different can be the best person in the world.

  • Mariah

    I would love to see Maddy and rhydian come back to live with Jana and Tom and Shannon too

  • i just watched all 3 seasons on WOLFBLOOD on NETFLIX!! ive fallen in love with this show so im really excited that there is going to be a 4th season! now i just need to find away to watch it when it is on tv in america! i dont want to have to wait for NETFLIX to get the episodes!!! wonder if i can get on HULU….hmmm anyone have any sugestions!?!

  • Who ever

    I reeeeeeeeely hope theres a season 4

  • jenna aiden

    wowwwwwww i am soooooo happy that there will be season 4 of wolfblood cant for season 4 love uuuuuuuuuu maddie,shannon,tom,jana,andddd amazing boy rhydian…..he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………….handsome and good looking boy…………..love uuuu………anxiously waiting for the next season

  • ariana

    Eu vrau ?n sezonul 4 so vad pe aimee kelly ?n ruolo principal

  • Ashley Flores

    I watched wolfblood on netflix for the first time and i loved it . I finished the seasons in a week .Same here when I watch wolfblood I feel like im maddy since I can be compared to her more than shannon and llana. When I watch wolfbloods I feel like Im in it . I really love wolfbloods better than vampires. I want aimee kelly to be in season 4 , i luv the connection she has with bobby . Its soooo cute . I think its important for her to go to school but i want her to be in it in the last season so that she and bobby can be together…. Pllzzzzzz. Im really looking forward to wolfblood in september 2015 because thats my birthday. Plzzz persuade aimee to come back just for this season.

  • AJ Beckley

    It’s on Hulu too so it will be out within a few days of airing first episode

  • wolfblood 4 life

    i like it as long as Rhydian stays in contact with Maddie

  • Julia

    I’m so sad that Maddox left in the third season but I REALLY hope she comes back in forth season…??

  • Julia


  • Aruxi

    Maddy Might Not Come Back Because She Changed Alot Since Season 2

  • natalie hay

    i can`t stand it i want to see season 4 so badly Maddy and Rhydian need to be together after that kiss there`s no way they can`t love each other please if anybody is reading this please tell CBBC to finish the 4 season it`s might sound crazy but i`m part wolfblood myself

  • samuel

    yeah i really liked her in the show she was my favorite character

  • robyn rader

    that is tree months away i cant wait three months for the 4th season of wolfblood to come out

  • XxcookiesxX

    I want Maddy!

    • faith bruce

      same here like her and rydian are perfect
      and they so cute

  • XxcookiesxX

    Can’t Aimee just take a break from school? If she’s not in season 4 I think Wolfblood will lose a lot of their fans. We need our Maddy!

  • wolfblood craziest fan

    i really want aimee kelly to come back she is one of the main people on wolfblood. i was so sad when i saw season 3 and didnt see aimee. i felt like crying! i hope that season 4 could be the best. plz talk to aimee for she can come back!!! in season 2 ( i think) when maddie and rhydian kissed was it for real. like what i mean is that do they like each other for real. i LOVE WOLFBLOOD!! I AM A WOLFBLOOD! to give you guys some ideas for halloween, you should be one of the people from wolfblood. that is what i am going to do. i am going to be maddie. its funny be cuz i have a friend named maddie, and i say to her i am the real maddie. its funny. lol. my friends called me the
    WOLFBLOOD QUEEN. not kidding, i am the craziest obessed with wolfblood. well i hope that they make a season 4 and aimee comes back!!!!

  • reece

    I want to see Mandy and rhydian get to get her and some more interesting things happen!!

  • reece

    I really hope there is a season four!!! nd i want to see Maddy and rhydian get together and more interesting things happen.

  • faith bruce

    when is it coming back on like what channel what time what date what time it plays i want to know bc im like in love with this show its like the bested show ever

  • Wolfblood Alpha

    Maddy has to come back in Season 4. The show is not the same at all and you can’t just separate Maddy and Rhydian. The show is a drag and it hurts to watch it, knowing that Maddy is gone. Rhydian loves her and it’s not right to have her gone. She has to come back. The pack and show is not right anymore. She was a MAIN character! She can’t just leave! Please let her come back.
    Sorry for the rant, but i LOVE the show and her and Rhydian’s bond.

  • breanna

    its not the without maddy we need maddy back bring back maddy

  • Luna

    plz plz plzzzz put a season 4 of WOLFBLOOD it’s my favorite show if cbbc can bring Maddie and Rhydian please its just not the same without them also i just want WOLFBLOOD to keep going, go up to season 10 if you can. I’m a huge WOLFBLOOD lover I watch all the episodes of wolfblood from season 1 to season 3. ppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz put more seasons of WOLFBLOOD

  • Luna

    plz plz plz plz do another season for wolfblood it is my favorite show! πŸ˜€ I want Maddie and Rhydian to come back in this season and I just want wolfblood to keep going, put a season 10 if you can. I’m a WOLFBLOOD lover, I watched all episodes from seasom 1 to season 3. LOVE WOLFBLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz do more seasons for Wolfblood!!!!!!! ??? πŸ˜€

  • Natalie

    I did not like season 3 two reasons maddy wasn’t in the season and because the tried to replace her by Jana which I hate

  • talani moore

    When would season four come out wolf blood oww oww

  • Hillary Nunez

    thank u so much I really want a season four of wolfblood and maybe even more like 5 or more seasons. in the next season [season4] I wish that maddy would come back… AGAIN, THANK U FOR THIS INFORMATION.

  • EDM

    We need Maddy back!!!!!?

  • Maddy

    PLEASE BRING MADDY BACK PLEAAAASEEEE!!!!! Like when she left it was WATER WORKS like I could not stop crying. We need Maddy and Rhydian back PLEASSEEEE

  • Maddy

    And Maddy and I have the same name so lol

  • Maddy


  • Maddy


  • jennifer urias

    i feel mad that maddy is not coming back in this because she and rydian are the main characters in this show and my favorite

  • wolfblood fan

    This season should be when Maddy and Rhydian have cubs and everybody comes to visit. Then Maddy and Rhydian move back to stay in contact to show them cubs what life was like, but off the grid except Shannon and Tom will know. Shannon and Tom will have kids too.

    • AmandaPanda<3


  • devon t

    bring maddy back please

  • devon t

    seson 3 is just not the same as the reast with maddy πŸ™

  • Aimee kelly fan

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls get aimee kelly back no offence but she is the character i most want to see in the seiries

    • AmandaPanda<3

      YES ME 2

  • Aimee kelly fan

    I will die if she does not come backb

  • shannon

    i want to see maddy come home

  • #WolfBloodLover

    Same Person im just like u! Glad im not alone! I Am In Love With This Show! Hope theres another

  • Kelsi

    Is it just me who, after watching wolfblood, would start to actually believe they were real and pretend to be one. I love it so much! (Reply to this comment with your own Wolf Profiles!)
    It’s sad that Aimee won’t return as Maddie but I guess her reasons are…well, reasonable.
    I know what I’m looking forward to for season 4:
    -Jana’s leadership? She found her pack so will she return as alpha???
    -Whats the next thing for Mr jeffery and Liam?
    -Aran and Jana; They’d make a cute couple
    I love it so much so CBBC, dont stop the show ever!!!!

  • Lia

    I want to see aimee kelly come back to the show and be with rydian as a couple. Aimee kelly and rydian will always be my favorite characters

  • Lia

    Another thing is aimee is the main character and then you guys just cut her off and it was right when her and rydian admitted there feelings to each other and thats bogus.

    • AmandaPanda<3

      yea seriously CBBC u dont do tht all of us were probably waiting for maddy and rhydian to kiss be a couple and when they actually start thats when u leave Aimee like YOU DONT EVER SHOULD DO THT MY SISTER IS ACTUALLY SAVING MONEY SO SHE CAN SUE U SO FAR SHE HAS $20,000 PUT AIMEE BACK BEFORE MY SIS ACTUALLY DOES THT

  • Amanda

    Which couple do you ship MADDIAN (Maddy and Rhydian) or TAY(Tom and Kay)

  • AmandaPanda<3


  • Maddy

    So far away… I can’t wait til September…